This page is news or any announcements that you feel other members of Greenhill Angling Club would be interested in.


 Just to let the members know, the club are NOT taking on new waters that were announced on the newsletter.

The owner decided to change some the agreement that was in place, one change he demanded we could not legally agree to due to the data protection act and the second would have seen GAC closing within an estimated 2 seasons. Although this is a sad situation, it will safe guard a non profit making club, run fairly by anglers since 1976 and no one wants to see the club ceasing.

The committee are actively looking for other waters. If you are aware of any please don't hesitate to contact any of the committee.


Knaptoft Farm Fishery

We have sadly lost this water.  The leasee. who the club had an agreement with has lost the fishing rights on the waters.  It seems 'another' fishing club has taken the fishing rights over. Oh well! The access was very poor and the waters needed a considerable amount of work.


We are in final negotiations for 4 new prolific, well stocked lakes with perfect disabled access with no stocking issues and no maintance.  Clearly at this stage we can't mention any further details but within the next few weeks as soon as things have been finalised, we will be able to confirm that we will have the waters for next season.



22nd September Work Party

Thank you again for very small number of the same faces bothered to turn up, very disappointing that there wasn't more. The second peg on The Moat, peg 11 has been completely rebuilt and we hope that when you're fishing on the peg, you will consider turning up and helping on the other work parties in the future.


 23rd June 2012 Work Party

Thank you for very small number of members who bothered to turn up, very disappointing that there wasn't more.  Peg 9 on The Moat has been completely rebuilt and now looks fantastic!


Ashpole Spinney

Just a quick note to confirm that the dye has now been applied to the water.  Thank you to Mick Campbell and Bob Kilby for applying the dye. 


Ashpole Spinney 22nd May

Just a quick update, the cold water feed from the spring is now not entering the lake.  On Sunday I saw a shoal of 12 large carp swiming around on the surface, so it looks like things are beginning to stir there.  We now have permission from the owner, with the water no longer flowing out of the outfeed to the dye the water.  The dye is being put in tomorrow.  This harmless dye will add colour to water, stopping UV penetration which will stop weed growth and with this wonderful weather the fish should start feeding on our baits and the weed!

I know where I'll be on Saturday!! Ed


Committeee Update 

Please note Ed Medcalf is now club secretary.


Results of The AGM 

Just a quick update from the AGM.

It was decided by a large majority vote that Greenhill Angling Club will be dropping The River Soar from next season due to the problems with the water, we will try to replace it with another river section in the future.

Rule change to rule 3.11 Radio, mp3 players, ipods are now allowed but only with the use of headphones.

Fees for 2013-2014 season adults £65, OAPs £35, Juniors £20/£25

We would like to welcome Tony Halford to the committee.


Renewals are now due.



It has come to our attention that the stones along the sides of the drive where the driveway spilts are being moved.  This is NOT acceptable behaviour and if it is a member of GAC they will be banned from the club. 


Ashpole Spinney

The notice board generously gifted to the club by Robin Allen has now been erected next to the exit gate to our car park, please keep a close watch on it for club news updates. 



 Ashpole Spinney

The toilet block is open open and working, we expect all users to leave it clean and tidy at all times.

Please remember DO NOT leave the combination on the lock aligned - always spin the numbers after use.


Thanks to a previous long standing member of the club and its committee from its very early days, Phil Ackerley has included a lot of old pictures from GAC early days.

Dr Phil's Blog 

Well worth a look at - thank you Phil



11th August Ashpole Spinney 

Today we have re stocked  Ashpole Spinney with

4" - 6" common and mirror carp although the order was for 800 there was no casualties in transport so ended up with 855.

We have been informed by the fishery that supplied them, that they should quadruple in size by September/October time.

Please don't forget no carp to be keep in keepnets - this includes the new stock. 







We have had reports of speeding on the drive to Thurlaston Lake & Moat.  Please slow down, only use the official passes spaces and remember we aren't the only users of the site so please park with courtesy. 



 We have been made aware that there are rumours circulating about one of our club waters.

We would like to confirm


have knowingly been removed from Ashpole Spinney by the club or the owner.


29th March 2011 

Today we have re stocked Thurlaston Moat & Carp Lake.

We have introduced

100 4" - 6" tench into the Moat.

The Carp Lake has had

100 4" - 6" carp

100 6" - 8" carp

100 4" - 6" F1 carp introduced

These will grow on and extend the fantastic fishing at Thurlaston








 Please take note of this picture - it is a water vole

There are water voles at Thurlaston Moat

It is legally protected - IT IS NOT A RAT!